The Classes of BigBooster

Bio & Health Informative Tech Global Impact

4P-Pharma  Class of 2018


Stimulants prescribed to treat ADHD are being abused/misused at an alarmingly high rate. Our technology aims at preventing such misuse.

France  Class of 2018 is a micro - services based SaaS designed to deploy & manage most popular web apps (CMS, E - commerce, ERP, CRM, PIM, etc.) in the public Cloud (AWS).



Biosfer Teslab SL  Class of 2016

Biosfer Teslab SL

Biosfer Teslab, a spin - off company that develops in vitro diagnostic tests providing the clinitians an innovative tool to better evaluate the cardiovascular risk.

BigBooster Season one was a Great experience, with an impressive organization, highly qualified mentors and colleagues. I would definitively recommend it to "start-uppers" who want to improve their communication skills and increase their network.

Breezometer  Class of 2016


BreezoMeter's mission is to help cities to improve the health and quality of life of their citizens, by controlling air quality.


Cartimage Medical  Class of 2018

Cartimage Medical

Imaging for Preservation in Surgery


Cyleone  Class of 2016


Cyleone provides its users the means to address actual environmental and climate related challenges with efficient and cost effective solutions thanks to CYManager and CYbox.


Diabeloop TOP 1  Class of 2016


Artificial Pancreas service for Diabetes treatment. We will save lives, amputations, ocular and renal complications, and radically improve everyday life for the patients.

An excellent program, with great organization. Mentors brought experienced insight, allowed us to take a step back, refine our message. Great time with other startup leaders in a friendly environment.

Dianax  Class of 2018


Enabling therapy management and optimization by bringing disease screening, diagnosis & monitoring at the point of need.



Doctinnovation  Class of 2018


Doctibike is working on the value chain of battery for small mobility (mostly ebike) from prototyping to recycling. We created a connected battery !

E-vone  Class of 2018


E-Vone is the first « smart shoe » respecting elderly's freedom. In case of emergency, like a fall, the shoe automatically triggers a programmed alarm



Echy TOP 3  Class of 2016


ECHY is a French start-up company with a patented daylighting technology, which captures, transports and diffuses sunlight into buildings using fibre optic cables.

BigBooster 2016 was an incredible experience for ECHY! The mentors were on hand to help us refine and perfect our pitch skills, and to make sure we effectively address the US market. We gained valuable knowledge and experience regarding Boston and its thriving innovation and technology market, as well as precious contacts with leading actors in different sectors.

ENOVAP  Class of 2016


Enovap is the first nicotine management system. We help you quit smoking by keeping the pleasure. The first smart connected ecigarette.


Epilert  Class of 2018


Epilert is a wearable device that detects and Monitor epilepsy seizures, also it send instant alers to Doctors and Parents in case of seizures.


Evercleanhand  Class of 2018


Our aim is to save lives and to protect people's health by re-inventing hand's hygiene, including digital & IoT device + a natural disinfecting lotion



Hydrao  Class of 2016


Smart & Blue company is developing connected solutions for smart management of water resources. Our first product is Hydrao the smart shower.

ICOHUP  Class of 2018


A high performance yet low cost sensor to measure radiation exposure : for general customers (radon gas sensing) and industry.



INNAVIRVAX  Class of 2016


InnaVirVax is a clinical stage company developping an immunotherapy that is going to change the paradigm of HIV therapy.

IZICREA  Class of 2016


IZICREA develops an electronic device and an online platform to help couture lovers and designers of patterns simplify and quicken the use of models and generate interaction.

The 1st edition of BigBooster was a blast, a successful event that provided us the opportunity to challenge our business in front of mentors coming from different fields of expertise, exchange lots of ideas with serial entrepreneurs and encounter an ecosystem that developed us both personally and professionally.
The organizers, partners, mentors, experts and volunteers put a lot of effort, passion and dedication to offers us the best conditions in terms of logistics, communication and network, with the main goal kept in mind: develop an international mindset and accelerate the growth of our startup.
In the end, we are more than happy to have been part in BigBooster Program Season 1 and we would suggest this experience to any startup that has an international potential.


Lactips  Class of 2018


The first biodegradable, water-soluble, edible and biosourced plastic made of protein from milk.


Ludocare  Class of 2018


JOE empowers children suffering from asthma with their daily treatment, he is a reminder, and a teacher. 



MaaT Pharma  Class of 2016

MaaT Pharma

MaaT Pharma (for Microbiota as a Therapy) is proposing a new medical paradigm by developing a series of microbial drugs aiming at restoring the man - microbes symbiosis.

Marioway Srl  Class of 2016

Marioway Srl

An innovative social enterprise that aims at revolutionizing the concept of being in a wheelchair

The BigBooster experience has been a unique occasion to meet other startups, to meet and learn from the mentors, but most importantly, has been the first real international experience of our startup.


MATVISIO (DEM)  Class of 2018


MATVISIO : To prevent and reduce Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) at workplaces, sports activities and in health care sector.


Meacor  Class of 2018


Meacor is developing a novel catheter-based repair device that replicates the open-heart gold standard for the treatment of mitral valve regurgitation



Medico-call  Class of 2018


Medico-call is a service of assistance by telephone which is based on the tele-home proposing a psychological support


Meersens  Class of 2018


Meersens is a unique solution (IoT + Apps) for consumers that test your immediate environment that may impact your health: Pesticides,water,wave...



METAFORA biosystems  Class of 2016

METAFORA biosystems

METAFORA biosystems is developing a breakthrough technology platform for the diagnostic of human diseases. METAdiag, the future in metabolism discovery.

My Brian  Class of 2018

My Brian

MyBrian is like having a human translator in your pocket. A mobile app will connect people with professional translators for rapid translation



Neolys Diagnostics TOP 2  Class of 2016

Neolys Diagnostics

Neolys Diagnostics develops a decision - making tool to radiation oncologists, allowing them to personalise the treatment: avoiding side effect, improving the efficacy.

NOVADISCOVERY  Class of 2016


Novadiscovery ambitions to develop a best - in - class drug discovery engine in the field of immuno - oncology based on a proprietary computational biology simulation platform.


Op2Lysis  Class of 2018


Op2Lysis develops the first medical treatment dedicated to the 1.5 million patients with a hemorrhagic stroke every year


Phenix  Class of 2018


PHENIX is a social business that aims to fight waste by repurposing unsold food and non-food products through the creation of circular economy loops.



ProvenMed International  Class of 2018

ProvenMed International

ProvenMed Technologies, is an innovative medical device company focused on the field of urine incontinence through a flagshap product: ActiveGo


recyclivre  Class of 2018


Collecting for free and reselling second hand books over Internet with a minimal impact on Earth and a maximal on People.



Roxwhale  Class of 2018


Roxwhale, Google Analytics for physical stores


Sharegroop SAS  Class of 2018

Sharegroop SAS

ShareGroop allows web-buyers to split an online group purchase with other participants directly from websites.



Slighter  Class of 2018


SLIGHTER is a smart, connected, "learning" lighter that offers a tailored solution to reducing or quitting smoking based on its patented AI algorithm


SPIKE-X  Class of 2016


Expanding Possibilities.

BigBooster was our first real competition. It Brought us more insight and in depth reflection of our business. Its global character, with internationally renowned business professionals, allowed us to gain tremendous time for the development of our startup.


SteadXP  Class of 2016


A Professional Grade Video Stabilization With A Disruptive Plug And Play Device, Compatible With Nearly All Cameras on The Market

Tilkee  Class of 2016


TILKEE is a scalable Prospect Relationship Intelligence solution that provides fast & efficient conversion in order to optimize your time & increase your revenues!

BigBooster’s first season was an enriching experience for us. A great opportunity to exchange, and learn from qualified mentors! We got to change and improve our pitch, so it would fit to the US market. I would recommend BigBooster for their organization and professionalism.


Traaser  Class of 2018


Traaser develops a software, Diagen, an expert system to help doctors understand the genome of their patient and provide a personalized, health care.


uConekt Inc.  Class of 2016

uConekt Inc.

Our vision is to provide secure cyber solutions to everyday problems and challenges. We want to make every day better by making technology easy, relevant and available.


Ween  Class of 2016


The world's first Life Responsive smart thermostat that enables significant energy savings in real-time.

Woonoz  Class of 2018


Woonoz is mixing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and neurosciences to train people with incredible results.