Booster Crew

BigBooster is a high-level international program over a 9-month period. Its ambition is to become the most important European competition for early-stage startups. To perform and do so, it requires the support and mobilization of Boosters: experts, mentors and judges, essential to the program: they were more than 200 to rally for the first Lyon Booster Camp! This ecosystem of Boosters welcomes key accounts, investors, and successful entrepreneurs, who enable us to create a direct path and build a real community between startups and decision-makers.

Here is a summarized table of the roles and responsibilities of the boosters:

Booster Profile Mission
MENTOR Generalist and/or Sectorial Expert renowned in his/her field

Global mission

Supporting a set of startups while sharing his/her entrepreneurship and sectorial knowledge.

During the BC

Coaching monitored startups on business modelling tools, proofs of value, pitch ... with a generalist or sectorial orientation (according to profile)

After the BC

Supporting Top 20 startups from November to April (4 - 6 meetings expected)

EXPERT Renowned Targeted expertise (IP, Business modelling, market knowledge ...) and/or sectorial expertise (Bio & Health, Informative Tech, Global Impact)

During the BC

Providing expertise: consulted by startups on specific points during corner sessions Presence on one day (15/11) of the BC. Answering to startups' solicitations on specific issues (IP, Market access, POS ...)

JUDGE Renowned in his/her field (Entrepreneur, Investor, Incubator Manager, CEO, ... )

2 positions

  • Pre-selection judges
  • Presence ½ day for a meeting in September
    Assessing applications (about 10/judge) and selecting the Top 100 startups that will attend Lyon BC
  • Lyon Booster Camp jury
  • Presence in Lyon on November 16th for ½ day
    Selecting the Top 50 startups at the end of Lyon BC

120 Hours of Pitches (not including the crash test pitches) were given in front of the Jury in the Lyon Booster camp alone.

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