First Founders

In 15 years Lyon has become one of the most vibrant French cities regarding entrepreneurship, rocketing from 6 000 companies created in 2002 to more than 23 000 in 2018. To support women and men wishing to embark on this entrepreneurial adventure, the Lyon Metropole offers them a business-friendly environment that is ripe for success. It has a rich and sound ecosystem, including incubators, national and international accelerators such as BigBooster, about ten living labs settled on its territory to put products and services to the test (such as the Tuba) , vibrant schools and universities open to entrepreneurship, and the H7, the iconic place dedicated to digital innovation.
The Lyon Metropole has also renewed its offer of service with the LYVE, to better get adapted to entrepreneurs' needs. This service offering relies on entrepreneurial centers distributed on its whole territory, as well as on a digital platform, enabling creators to share their mutual issues. Each of them can benefit from help on their road to successful development, for fundraising, securing permanent facilities, or for legal advice.
Finally, the Lyon Metropole backs many schemes such as Beelys to sensitize, train and support students in business creation.


PULSALYS, the Lyon St. Etienne region's Deep Tech innovation incubator and accelerator, builds the innovative products and services of tomorrow by transforming scientific discoveries made in the laboratories of Lyon University into economic opportunities for businesses and start-ups. PULSALYS is the Société d'Accélération du Transfert de Technologies (SATT) [Technology Transfer Office] of the Lyon St. Etienne region. It was founded in December 2013 as part of the Programme d'Investissements d'Avenir [Future Investment Program] (PIA). PULSALYS builds and develops innovative projects that show strong technological potential, forming a foundation for the creation of Deep Tech start-ups and of competitive advantage within existing businesses. A founding member of the new BigBooster season, set up by the Metropolitan Lyon region, PULSALYS supports the international development of its start-ups to create the unicorns of tomorrow. PULSALYS is a key actor in terms of the attractiveness and the economic development of the region, something that is reflected in real figures.
Since its inception, PULSALYS has:


Under the aegis of

Created in 2012, the Fondation Pour l'Université de Lyon was conceived out of shared belief by the region's economic sector, the University of Lyon and public stakeholders that socioeconomic development of the region and the promotion of its higher education and research go hand-in-hand. Presided over by Bernard Bigot, the foundation supports the University of Lyon in its ambition to become one of Europe's top ten higher education and research clusters, promotes its influence on an international scale and contributes to its continuing excellence in the region.

Program operator

For more than 30 years, EY has worked alongside the ecosystem's entrepreneurs and stakeholders, providing them with solutions in response to their key issues, helping them to change, anticipate shocks, bounce back from setbacks and envisage new avenues of growth in order to transition from start-up to scale-up or from SME to mid-cap.
Although France's position in Europe and on the international scene gains ground each year, start-ups face many challenges such as hyper growth, funding, talent attractiveness and globalization. Having been mentors and members of the jury in previous seasons, EY is now looking forward to its role as the Big Booster programme operator, bringing its expertise and its international network to guide start-ups to become world leaders.