Supported by the European Commission, THE NEXT SOCIETY is a movement gathering entrepreneurs, investors, corporates, public and private innovation stakeholders in Europe and the Mediterranean.

Its activities aim to accompany change in the region by placing the private sector at the core of the dialogue as well as the innovation and competitiveness measures.
Among the key highlights if its action plan, is the startup success. THE NEXT SOCIETY offers tailor-made support to Mediterranean start-ups to help them go international and raise funds thanks to workshops and training sessions, immersion into foreign markets and incubation in European innovation hubs, meetings with investors and long-term coaching by committed mentors.

BigBooster's contribution to THE NEXT SOCIETY

This collaboration is the result of the fruitful partnership which began last year between BigBooster and ANIMA Investment Network & Enterprise. This partnership sets up the program in Mediterranean to support innovation and entrepreneurship globally with the support of the European Commission.


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