A tailor-made non-profit international acceleration program around 3 key highlights

The Lyon Booster Camp (November 14-16th, 2017)
The Lyon Booster Camp is the first European step of the program that gathers 100 startups and high-level mentors for 3 days of intense work and networking. Entrepreneurs crash test their business plans and enrich themselves with valuable experts mentors and peer’s feedback. The mix of culture and talents ends with a pitch session in front of BigBooster judges. 50 startups will carry on with the BoosterHub.  

An individualized coaching session: the BoosterHub (December 2017 – April 2018)
This include an off sight scalable program with an individualized coaching that will help startups to get ready for the internship (April 10-26th) organized by the partners of the program. This time of learning and exchanges is based on mutual benefit through best practices and knowledge sharing.Demo Days (April 25-26th) will end this coaching session with an evaluation of the 50 startups and a selection of the 25 that will make it to the following Booster Camps.  

A dive in the most dynamic innovation ecosystems of the World (June – September 2018)
The selected startups will get the opportunity to take part in the international Booster Camps set up in Boston (US) Shanghai, Shenzhen, Canton (China) or Casablanca (Middle East Africa) according to their ranking:

  • The 3 winners (1 per category) will be granted access to the US, Chinese and Middle East Africa Booster Camps
  • Startups ranked 4 to 15 will be allowed to take part to 2 international Booster Camps
  • Startups ranked 16 to 25 will have to chose 1 international Booster Camp

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