Big Booster Season 2: Take the Leap and Apply Now!

Big Booster is a unique international non-profit acceleration program for early-stage startups in Bio & Heath, Informative Tech and Global Impact. Organized between Lyon (FR) and Boston (MA, USA) our program empowers them to cross borders think global and go international.

Looking back on our successful 1st season

More than
500 applicants

Lyon Booster Camp:

72 selected startups

150 mentors, experts, speakers & judges

120 hours of pitches
Boston Booster Camp:

20 startups selected post Lyon Booster Camp

3 intense days in Boston

50 mentors, experts, speakers & judges on board

30 hours of startups pitches

The Finale: 3 winners (Diabeloop, Neolys Diagnostics, Echy)

Take the leap and be a part of Big Booster season 2

You are a startup located namely in Europe, Middle East & Africa: come on board right now and submit your application
You would like to become a mentor: come on board and join us

How does Big Booster #2 work?

Things to know: startup pitch

My Real-Life Shark Tank: Tips For Winning Startup Pitches:

Guy Kawasaki shares the layout for a perfect pitch:

Tips from Big Booster community

  • A fellow founder: Grab any opportunity that presents itself to pitch your startup in front of selected foreign investors. Big Booster allowed me to do so and it saved a lot of time! Doing so will give you a better idea on what’s realistic and attainable, and what may take more time to achieve.
  • A fellow founder: I know it’s hard but we need to find a way to keep our strategic head above water! Having to dedicate 3 entire days to our pitch during the Boston Booster Camp will definitely be a major asset on the long run!
  • A mentor: An easy one we often forget: share information on your startup with people related (or not) to your industry, find a way to surround yourself with ones with whom you can trade skills and share ideas with. Or just simply talk about what’s on your mind! That’s a major asset of Big Booster!

Quote of the day

“We led with our conviction rather than rational, because rational said it was impossible.”
- Daniel Ek, Co-founder of Spotify

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