Newsletter October 23rd 2015  
Lyon Boot Camp is coming!

Main mission: Help selected startups to develop their international strategy

From October 27th to 29th, the 72 selected start up and more than 150 mentors, experts, speakers and judges will participate in Big Booster Lyon Boot camp.

Startups and Mentors will work together in teams of 4 mentors and 4 start ups, with 3 main steps.

  • Step 1: Discuss the startups "essentials" (after a crash test) to determine a set of goals focused around high impact international strategic issues.
  • Step 2: A series of eight "Mentors sessions" sustained by Insights (with Key Speakers ) will be held, as well as specific sessions with Experts in order to help Startups achieve their goals
  • Step 3: The boot camp will also be the opportunity for startups to strengthen their network, taking benefit from the diversity and the high level of the attendees (Mentors, Experts, Speakers, Judges)

The final pitch session and the choice of the TOP 20 startups for the Boston Boot camp, will conclude the boot Camp october 29th afternoon.

Didier Hoch
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