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Newsletter October 23rd 2015  

A word from our President

Thanks to the strong involvement of our 150 Mentors,Experts, Speakers and Judges and the incredible motivation of the 72 start-ups entrepreneurs, the Big Booster Lyon Boot camp ( Oct 27-28-29th) was a warm success for all the participants. At the end it have been very difficult for the Judge committee to select the Top 20 startups for the next Boot camp in Boston (Feb 8 to 12th). 5 additional Start-ups " ZE coup de coeur of the jury " will benefit from a ad hoc support,and all the 72 Start-ups will have the opportunity to stay in connection with the Big booster community (Mentors, Experts, Speakers,..)through a specific collaborative platform.
The Big Booster team thanks all the participants and all our partners for their support and their contributions to the success of this first Boot Camp.
Didier Hoch.

Didier Hoch
An the winners are...

Biosfer Teslab SL, Breezometer, Cyleone, Diabeloop, Echy, ENOVAP, INNAVIRVAX, IZICREA, MaaT Pharma, Marioway Srl, METAFORA biosystems, Neolys Diagnostics, NOVADISCOVERY, Smart & Blue, SPIKE-X, SteadXP, Tilkee, uConekt Inc., Wair, Ween sas.
All the startups will be accompanied by our experts and mentors for 4 months, will be flown to Boston in order to take part to MassChallenge and are runners up for the 100000!

And Ze coup de coeur of the Jury (Jury's Special award winners) Are: Neuronax, Kallistem Neomerys, Iris and DreamQuark. These startups fell a little short to go directly to Boston but they will have a special mentoring treatment to enable them to takeoff.

72 Startups

Selected startups took part in the Lyon Boot Camp

20 Startups

Winners going to Boston Boot camp


Mentors,Experts, Speakers and Judges who came to the boot camp to share their experience and knowledge with the startups.


Expert/Startup meetings reserved in the Expert corners by the BigBooster Meetings request team.


Hours of Pitches (not including the crash test pitches) given in front of the Jury.


Days and counting till the Boston Boot Camp.


Startups nomitaed as "Ze coup de Coeur of the Jury" (Jury's Special award winners).

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