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The Sourcing and Selection Process
Big Booster Sourcing
The selection committees have been picked!
The Big Booster co-presidents of the selection committees have been chosen. They will have, with the committees judges, the difficult task to choose the 100 best projects that will be present in the Lyon Boot Camp. The projects will be split into 3 different committees; Informative Tech / Digital, Bio & Health, and Global Impact (Environment / social impact).
  • Jean-Marc Bailly ,Senior Associate of Aster Capital
  • Patrick Bertrand, Président de Lyon French tech and CEO of Cegid
  • Nathalie Garçon, CEO/CSO of BioAster
  • Hugues Hansen, Managing Director of Start’In Post
  • Claire Houry, Managing Partner of Ventech
  • Philippe Lagrange, President of Tubà & Director of public authorities at Veolia
  • Karine Lignel, Venture Capital Director of CM-CIC Capital Innovation
  • Benoît Pradet, Senior Vice President of Capgemini, Head of Lyon Office
  • Marie-José Quentin-Millet, Delegate Director-General of Sanofi Pasteur
  • Stéphane Régnier, Senior Vice President of Capgemini

Amir Didier BioTech Finances Talks about Big Booster.

70 to 80% of the success of an innovation is made between Europe and the United States.
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