BigBooster season 6


+100 applications, 30 entrepreneurs participants in the BoosterCamp and 16 winners!


“At the end of 3 intense days of inspiring conferences, mentoring sessions and meetings, all the participating startups were enriched by the insights and advice on their international strategy, value proposition, pitch and positive impact of their business.
They are therefore better prepared for their future international development. All this is only possible thanks to the commitment of the mentors, experts and judges who give their time to share their experience and help the startups grow. The whole BigBooster team thanks them warmly!”

Isabelle Guillaume

BigBooster President

The BoosterCamp

From 5th to 7th of July, 2022, 30 startups came and tested their project: their pitch, their strategy, their ambition and their goals.
Accompanied by high quality, hand-picked mentors, the young companies were offered a unique opportunity to test their idea in real-life conditions.

But the BoosterCamp is not only that! Participants did also have the chance to listen to expert speakers share their wisdom and knowledge during inspiring conferences. In a certain way they did learn and grow in experience.

Workshops, expert corners, masterclass and conferences: a rich program that promised to offer many insights.

3 days to challenge, but also to convince: on July 7th, at the end of the BoosterCamp, the startups had to pitch in front of a panel of qualified jurors to hope to go to their target region.

16 of them won the BoosterCamp and participated in the Go Global phase.

boostercamp operating partner

16 startups won the BoosterCamp

Access Earth

Access Earth is building the world’s largest mapping and review database with key partners so that those living with disabilities can access towns, community areas, parking, sports clubs and stadia safely and with confidence.


Easy remote working cybersecurity. An ZeroTrust Endpoint managed by A.I. a secured by Blockchain Remote work is the weak link in organizations’ networks. Legacy offers are complicated (Token, VPN …) huma-risk factor is bigger.

Caeli Energie

Caeli Energie designs and manufacture low carbon air conditioning systems.
Conscious cooling – for a world without AC.

Cards micro-learning

Cards micro-learning is a SaaS platform that allows you to easily create short & memorable content.


We accelerate chemistry R&D using artificial intelligence.


Cibiltech’s mission is to prevent organ failure using AI-based predictive algorithms to prolong allograft survival and improve the quality of life of patients after transplantation.


Empeal is your AI driven 24/7 health coach, focused on prevention and management of chronic conditions.


Flourish assists companies and individuals to be more successful by developing emotional intelligence in affordable, short and smart way.


“Connecting patients with life” An innovative medical device to prevent limb ischemia and limb amputation in the context of extracoporeal life support procedures – improve cardiac arrest survival rates threefold.


We use video and AI to help people of all levels to maximize their potential by bringing lab quality analysis in their pocket so they can evaluate their technique whenever.

On Board Helmet

As the seat belt in cars, we believe that the helmet should not be brought by the user but should belong to the bike or scooter.


OROK brings more security and profitability by automatizing baggage and cargo handling at the airside of the airport.

Roseau Technologies

We make power distribution grids lean and flexible so that they meet the requirements of the energy transition.

Ultima Mobility

Ultima Mobility is a french company who wants to develop, produce and sell sustainable and soft mobility objects and to bring to the market vehicles that reduce the barriers to their use.

Vidium Solutions

We are the navigating system of the gene regulatory networks. We help open the black box of gene networks. We accelerate research and inrease success rate.

Waste Marketplace

We offer to each client a complete and tailor-made solution to manage their waste : as a trader, we identify the best waste collector/recycler for each area, ensuring an optimal recycling rate/price ratio and guaranteeing smooth logistics through our team and app.


After an intense BoosterCamp, the 16 winners went on Go Global

The winning startups received 6 months of support to prepare their development plan in 2 of these territories:
France – Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes,
Germany – Baden-Wurrtemberg,
Italy – Lombardy,
Spain – Catalonia,
United States – Pennsylvania,
Canada – Quebec,
Through in-depth exchanges with local ecosystems, mentoring sessions with experts from these territories and personalised contacts with decision-makers and partners in the target regions.

The BigBooster ecosystem was mobilized to help startups succeed in their project to set up in new regions of the world.

I could not recommend this program more highly. It is a fantastic opportunity to kick start any companies global ambitions.

Matthew McCann

Access Earth CEO, Ireland, BigBooster winning startup

The Boosters


supported the entrepreneurs and enriched their experience.


assess startups and shared their feedback

Experts and speakers

shared their knowledge and expertise

Mentoring is part of the cross-pollination I really enjoy. Working here, with the startups, gives me a fantastic development in my knowledge and in my practice. I will follow a lot of startups that I have been interacting with.

Frédéric Fourié

Michelin, BigBooster mentor

The entire BigBooster team warmly thanks the startups, mentors, judges, experts, speakers and partners for your involvement, commitment, support and enthusiasm.