We empower BigBooster community through booster camps and tailored mentoring.


The success of the BigBooster program is fuelled by the commitment of its boosters: mentors, judges and experts from all over the world who support startups and detect the most promising ones.

Our boosters will help startups to validate their business model and adjust to increasing markets. Their expertise offers startups coaching and mentoring across a wide range of skills and specialties so they can properly step forward on their internationalization process. 


Each year, we bring together around 180 boosters to share their experience and support entrepreneurs and to meet with their peers.

Do you want to be part of the adventure? See which role suits you best!


With international experience and a global vision in their field of activity, mentors work closely with startups on their global mindset. 

During the BoosterCamp, they help, advise and direct groups or individuals.

During Go Global, they support one startup to explore a new market with advises, tips and follow-ups.


In July, judges assess and select, via an online platform, the startups that are part of BigBooster season 8.

At the end of the BoosterCamp, the jury select 15 winning startups that participate in international matchmaking phase, “Go Global”.

They bring their expertise in one or more subjects. 

Judges assess startups and share their feed-backs with them to help them grow.


BigBooster experts have a key role in advising our startups through 1-to-1 sessions or workshops. They also contribute to the global innovation ecosystem and have the possibility to network with other high-profile experts across industries.


Bringing together many economic and innovation players within our partner territories

Boosters’ benefits

  • Develop your network through exposure to the innovative companies and industry leaders
  • Keep up with latest technologies and trends
  • Share your expertise within a confident framework
  • Develop your skills: entrepreneurship skills, mentoring/coaching skills…
  • Exchange with your peers and partners


Startups participated in a BoosterCamp since day 1. They are now part of the alumni community.

Targeted territories

Why become a Partner

Open Innovation

  • Identify start-up “core business” or “at the edge”, mainly in the targeted territories.
  • Help start-ups of your ecosystem accelerate their international strategy by giving them access to BigBooster.
  • Share open innovation best practices with companies in or outside your field of activity.
  • Identify partners in BigBooster Ecosystem.

Talent Management

  • Attract young talents in your company and in the territory.
  • Motivate and promote your young talents.
  • Give your employees the opportunity to develop entrepreneurship skills.

Marketing & Communication

  • Gain visibility in the markets where BigBooster operates.

Business & public affairs

  • Strengthen links with ecosystems in the targeted territories and with the different markets where BigBooster is present.
  • Promote your services and/or products.

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