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The companies selected by the jury before the BoosterCamp in Lyon became part of the BigBooster alumni community. BigBooster has helped nearly 375 entrepreneurs.

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Season 7

Winning startups:

Actifs Précieux – Tunisia

Leveraging our advanced technology, we extract premium botanical actives and extracts from African and Mediterranean medicinal plants, delivering safe and effective ingredients.

Activ Home – France

Ecological and economical constructions.

Astriis – France

A “Deep Tech” start-up, ASTRIIS aims to become a major player in predictive maintenance in France and abroad.

Capsix Robotics – France

Capsix presents iYU, an AI massage solution, to improve human well-being on a large scale: physical, mental and emotional well-being for everyone, everywhere, all the time.

DiaDeep – France

We make treatement decision safer for patients with cancer by helping oncologists predict prognosis.

eenuee – France

We create the mutlisurface 19-seater electric glider to open up territories.

Everyrun – Estonia

A social fitness platform that helps runners to find and participate in events anywhere in the world, while providing all the tools for race organisers to organise an event.

Huna – Italy

We make street lighting & buildings more efficient & sustainable through Digital Twins & IoT.

MSInsight – France

We provide high-performance diagnostic solutions based on genomic data to improve MSI cancers detection and better guide personalized treatment decisions.

My Digital Buildings – France

We simplify the creation and exploitation of buildings’ spatial data, for all their actors.

Newired – Italy

Raising as a leading Digital Adoption Platform, providing in-application guidance to train and onboard users.

Openstage – Italy

We create technological totems equipped with an audio system, mixer, and IoT devices, that can be booked through the App.

Ostrea – France

We are an industrial start-up that has developed a patented shell-based material for the production of worktops, furniture and floor coverings.

Parcoor – France

From predictive maintenance to cybersecurity, our software solutions and observability platform enable manufacturers and users of connected equipment to maintain them at a high level of availability.

The QA Company – France

We facilitate enterprise-wide information access and synthesis.

Urgentime – France

We give eyes to call centres, for doctors on emergency call centres and for remote technical support technicians.

VanOnGo – Estonia

Saas Delivery orchestration platform that connects brands and delivery partners and digitalizes last-mile delivery processes towards more orders generation.

Vitala – Spain

We measure Mitochondrial Effectiveness and Toxicity for new drugs in early preclinical stages. Using our technology we de-risking the drug development process, saving time, money and animal lives.

Participating in the BoosterCamp (in addition to the winning startups):

CAD 42 – France

We develop connected solutions to improve safety and productivity of machines on worksites.

Gencovery – France

The full digital ecosystem for complex R&D projects in biotechnology.

Hemofab – France

We are a start-up committed to developing medical devices to improve the lives of people suffering from kidney failure in the community.

Impala Hub – France

Accelerating the transition to a circular economy with alternative materials.

Lyophitech – France

Occicor – Turkey

Better consumer exposure with Augmented Intelligence.

Oncosema – France

Sorting Circulating Tumor Cells to better understand and fight cancer.

V4C –  France

Towards a pediatric dengue vaccine.


Season 6

Winning startups:

Access Earth – Ireland

Access Earth is building the world’s largest mapping and review database with key partners so that those living with disabilities can access towns, community areas, parking, sports clubs and stadia safely and with confidence.

Allpriv – France

Easy remote working cybersecurity. An ZeroTrust Endpoint managed by A.I. a secured by Blockchain Remote work is the weak link in organizations’ networks. Legacy offers are complicated (Token, VPN …) huma-risk factor is bigger.

Caeli Energie – France

Caeli Energie designs and manufacture low carbon air conditioning systems.

Cards micro-learning – France

Cards micro-learning is a SaaS platform that allows you to easily create short & memorable content.

ChemIntelligence – France

We accelerate chemistry R&D using artificial intelligence.

Cibiltech – France

Cibiltech’s mission is to prevent organ failure using AI-based predictive algorithms to prolong allograft survival and improve the quality of life of patients after transplantation.

Empeal – Ireland

Empeal is your AI driven 24/7 health coach, focused on prevention and management of chronic conditions.

Flourish – Montenegro

Flourish assists companies and individuals to be more successful by developing emotional intelligence in affordable, short and smart way.

IPERF – France

“Connecting patients with life” An innovative medical device to prevent limb ischemia and limb amputation in the context of extracoporeal life support procedures – improve cardiac arrest survival rates threefold.

Ochy – France

We use video and AI to help people of all levels to maximize their potential by bringing lab quality analysis in their pocket so they can evaluate their technique whenever.

On Board Helmet – France

As the seat belt in cars, we believe that the helmet should not be brought by the user but should belong to the bike or scooter.

Orok – France

OROK brings more security and profitability by automatizing baggage and cargo handling at the airside of the airport.

Roseau Technologies – France

We make power distribution grids lean and flexible so that they meet the requirements of the energy transition.

Ultima Mobility – France

Ultima Mobility is a french company who wants to develop, produce and sell sustainable and soft mobility objects and to bring to the market vehicles that reduce the barriers to their use.

Vidium Solutions – France

We are the navigating system of the gene regulatory networks. We help open the black box of gene networks. We accelerate research and inrease success rate.

Waste Marketplace – France

We offer to each client a complete and tailor-made solution to manage their waste : as a trader, we identify the best waste collector/recycler for each area, ensuring an optimal recycling rate/price ratio and guaranteeing smooth logistics through our team and app.

Participating in the BoosterCamp (in addition to the winning startups):

AskaFOX – France

ASKafox helps you easily identify an innovative supplier for your critical need, while limiting the risk by performing an audit by a nearby expert.

AuroreCom – France

ParCar is a patented accessory for utility vehicles, which allows you to create a shelter in the back of the vehicle. It allows professionals and individuals to cope with weather hazards.

Edison Ways – France

We develop an electrical installation that is easier to install and requires five times less copper than current installations. It includes all the tools to improve energy management and safety.

Fabera – France

FABERA is a data driven on-demand manufacturing platform relying on selected subcontractors’ capabilities to assist clients in relocating their production close to their home-market.

Healthy Place To Work – Ireland

Improving workplace health and performance through insights.

Imaginative Popular Solutions – France

Opening nuts without going nuts ! [first kitchen tool on the market that can easily open nuts without breaking them].

Keesht – Iran

A reliable seedling end-to-end platform, based on smart contract.

M&Wine – France

M&Wine revolutionizes the wine industry by proposing an innovative technology based on the multi-metallic core of wines and their processing through Artificial Intelligence for: health, ecology, traceability, and excellence.

Manitty – France

Manitty pushes the boundaries of diagnosis and connected health for professionals, providing the monitoring information that users really need and enabling accurate interpretation of patient conditions.

Noviga – France

Facilitate screening for sleep apnea syndrome.

QIPI – Iran

A SaaS platform to convert assets into Security tokens; With the ability of transparent collective financing on Blockchain-based.

Superpictor – France

The intelligent platform that simplifies the sale of a personalized product. (Saas for simple and efficient product customization by professionals (T shirts, bags…).


Season 5 winning startups
  • 3Deus Dynamics – France
    Print the impossible
  • AbuErdan – Egypt
    Poultry management software
  • Aitenders – France
    Tenders and contract management software
  • AKYAS Sanitation – Jordan
    Portable wastewater treatment plant in a bag
  • Alta Voce – France
    AI inhanced voice technologies
  • Avvinue – France
    All-in-one moving app anywhere in the world
  • Carers – Jordan
    The simple act of caring is heroic
  • Ecomesure – France
    State-of-the-art measurement technologies
  • Okeenea Digital – France
    Makes the city smart and inclusive
  • Rue du Colibri – France
    Comfortable clothing designed for cancer patients
  • Runmotion Coach – France
    All you have to do is run
  • SgharToon – Tunisia
    Transforming educational troubles into superpowers
  • The Afrijob Network – Kenya
    Matches you with innovative and fast-growing African start-ups
  • Umi – France
    Market test tool to help innovation projects succeed
  • Viscgo Limited – United Kingdom
    Quick Easy Accurate Drink Thickness Tests For People With Dysphagia
  • WeavAir – Canada
    Proactive air insights
  • Wise integration – France
    Ultimate Power Supply miniaturization using custom GaN IC
Season 4 winning startups
  • Campsited – Irland
    Campsited is the easy way to book campsites
  • Cooperlink – Belgium
    Leverage your partnerships
  • FabricAID – Liban
    Giving never goes out of fashion
  • Fleasy – France
    The Sky is no limit
  • Handiss – Liban
    The freelancing platform where companies in the construction industry connect and work with top global engineering and architecture talent.
  • HawKar – Tunisie
    HawKar is providing a smart electric car for people with reduced mobility
  • Hi5 – South Africa
    Unlock culture with ongoing recognition and feedback.
  • Ilini – France
    Learn languages with the news
    Next Generation ADC Expert
  • Medicing – France
    Advanced learning toward more accurate diagnosis and prediction of fetal abnormalities
  • Neuro-Sys – France
    CNS/PNS, in vitro, drug development
  • NewClin – France
    My Personalized Access to Health Services
  • PaintUP – France
    PaintUP offers the first robotic solution to clean, paint or drill large scale surfaces with improved safety, speed and constant quality.
  • Proovstation – France
    New standard of automated vehicle inspection
  • Remotion – tunisie
    Remotion is the ultimate virtual rehabilitation solution based on virtual and augmented reality to help people with neuro-physical challenges.
  • Sannula Safe MedTech – Jordanie
    Towards a safer medical working environment
  • SmartGourmet – Liban
  • SOLVillion – Jordanie
    Decentralized wastewater treatment plastic systems to reuse the Recycled water it in home gardening and greening.
  • Whympr – France
    The mountain and outdoor app
  • Wisene – Pologne
    Dedicated for large buildings, unique direct measurement technology, enabling automatic, remote & real time monitoring of roof structures – saves lives and property
Season 3 winning startups
  • 4P-Pharma – France
    Translating science to product
  • MeaCor – Lebanon
    Treating mitral valve regurgitation patients without requiring open-heart surgery
  • DigitUs
  • Cartimage Medical SAS
  • Intelesant Ltd
  • CWB S.A.S.
  • Deepsen
  • DEM
  • Doctinnovation
  • Eazylang
  • E-vone
  • Saun
  • HigherEdMe
  • Slighter
  • Sowillo Energy
Season 2 winning startups
  • AbiliSense
  • Cellenion
  • clim8 SAS (ex Thensor SAS)
  • EHTech
  • FineHeart
  • ForCity
  • Gulplug
  • InTouch SA
  • Ittention
  • Micropep Technologies
  • Rheonova
  • Sylfen
  • Ubi Transports
  • WeNow
Season 1 winning startups
  • Biosfer Teslab SL
  • Breezometer
  • Cyleone
  • Diabeloop
  • MaaT Pharma
  • METAFORA biosystems
  • Neolys Diagnostics
  • Smart & Blue
  • SteadXP
  • Tilkee
  • uConekt Inc.
  • Ween sas

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